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Educational Technology Research
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Video Collaboration
MET Research

Office of Educational Technology Research

Mission Statement:  Research and manage introduction of emerging technologies into MET educational processes to support cognitive learning in various course formats, and ensure students’ long-term success by linking academic knowledge with practical skills and competencies critical in modern workplace.

Main Research Areas


Video Collaboration

Video collaboration technology - a combination of online meetings and videoconferencing capabilities - helps to increase the level of student-faculty dialog in blended and online courses.



Virtualization is one of the disruptive technologies that opens new possibilities in many areas, including education.  We use it to support group projects simplify lab setups, and reduce hardware costs.

Blended Programs 

Introduction to blended programs at MET, benefits of blended learning, support resources for faculty teaching blended courses and support staff.

e-Learning Evaluation

Ability to evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of students' learning experience is a key factor in choosing proper pedagogical approaches and technologies, especially when architecting new programs like e-Live

Other Research Topics

Mobility and Heterogeneous Content Delivery

Social Networking

(Please click on links below to see short introductions to Second Life by Second Life avatar)

Part 1 (5 min)    Part 2 (30 min)

.... To be continued ...

 Internal ETR Collaboration

Feedback, Questions, Proposals

Please provide feedback by taking part in our surveys, indicating your interest areas, and submitting proposals for future research following "Your Opinions" link in the left navigation bar .

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 TEST Links

Folder: Links to Apps on HTML5 
Links to Apps on HTML5
HTML5-RDP Broker
MET EDX (secure/Reverse Proxy)
MET EDX (BU network only)
Demo Excel Embed
Embedded Excel (Wayne LaMorte)
Go to Page 7 and scroll down for Embedded Risk Ratio vs Odds Ratio calculator.
Epi Tools Embedded Excel Gallery
Embedded Excel Tests and Examples
Excel dashboard sample video
Snapshot demo

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